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mixed media sculpture
by Sean M. Montgomery
With live interactive bio-rhythmic soundscape by Mustafa Bagdatli and Diego Rioja.

About the work:
Emergence is an interactive biofeedback art installation that invites the viewer to examine the relationship between biology and technology. When a viewer touches the installation, the electrical impulses generated by each beat of the viewer’s heart propagate throughout the viewer’s body and are detected and digitized by the installation. During this interaction, Emergence synchronizes its own electrical pulses with the viewer’s heart to create a syncopated light and sound-scape that reflects its intimate experience with the viewer and also includes the installation’s “memory” of previous viewers’ heart rhythms. Through a single eye, Emergence retains a visual memory of its encounter with the viewer. With each beat of the viewer’s heart, Emergence captures an image of the interaction and digitally pulses the memory through the surrounding infrastructure and uploads it to the internet where it can be seen on flickr or facebook. By drawing parallels between the human body and the infrastructure of the digital age, Emergence invites the viewer to think about what fundamentally differentiates the electrical impulses of the internet from those impulses constantly traveling throughout their own body.
Listen to the sounds of Emergence uploading heartbeats:
And watch the live-uploaded flickr stream as viewers interact with Emergence:


Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images North America

Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images North America


Huge thanks to the following sponsors for showing Emergence in some fantastic venues:
ISEA Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey   Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey   Center for Life, Newcastle, England   Science Fest, Newcastle, England   Maker Faire UK, Newcastle, England
Unintended Consequences show by, New York, USA   SensorStar, Ellicott City, USA
Many additional thanks are deserved for making this piece a reality. Producer Matthew Arrow, my wife Erica, brother Ian, sister-in-law Vanessa, brother-in-law Jon, friend Susan, among others, worked tirelessly to artfully wrangle thousands of feet of wire and cable into submission. Thank you so much!
This work was built on the accomplishments of several great open source projects including openFrameworks and Arduino.

Press Coverage:
BBC   Trend Hunter   PSFK   LIFE   Huff Post   Zimbio