I developed Vital Threads Biofeedback Apparel to open design and fashion to dynamic new forms of self awareness, personal expression and interpersonal communication. Typically, we are all vastly limited in our expressive outlet to engage a collective awareness. By measuring and displaying the wearer's biological signals, Vital Threads Biofeedback Apparel gives the wearer the freedom to express his or her personal vantage on a moment by moment basis.

Vital Threads has been shown as wearable biofeedback art at a number of galleries, museums, conferences, and hackerspaces around the world, including the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, the World Maker Faire, among many other venues.
  Truth Wristband  A wristband that dynamically reflects the wearer

* Update: Vital Threads will be showing at BRAINFest January 15, 2011 at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, NY.

* Update: Vital Threads will be showing at Maker Faire UK, March 12-13, 2011, headlining the Newcastle ScienceFest in Newcastle, England.


Sean Montgomery Interview from The New York Observer on Vimeo.


Also listen to this interview with Casey Brazeal on

  Truth Wristband  A wristband that dynamically reflects the wearer
Truth Wristband

A wristband that dynamically reflects the wearer's psycho-emotional response to the world, promoting internal states to be externalized and made into interactive forms of expression. The device measures the galvanic skin response (a marker of emotional arousal commonly used in lie detector tests), measuring micro-changes in sweating on your hands. The device's lights turn from blue to red as the wearer becomes excited. Telling a lie may make you sweat, but ask the right question and the answer doesn't matter!

Truth TV!
Check out the Truth segment on MakeTV (episode 107) airing on PBS stations around the U.S.
Truth for Sale!
Truth Wristband Kit
- $44.95
All easy soldering!
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also available from Maker Shed

Below is a video of my brother, Ian, wearing the Truth Wristband while I ask him some questions to see what sorts of things get his Truth meter going. Note that it takes 1-2 seconds for the psychodynamic response to be expressed in the skin response.
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Find more Truth Wristband technical details here.



Heart-felt Apparel

Wearables that detect
your heart beat and externalize it as pulses of light. Sensors read the wearer's EKG and produce flashes of light in time with his/her own heart. Wearing the shirt gives an intense feeling of life and rhythm, while at the same time reminding you of your electrical and mechanical roots. It's truly amazing how much the heart responds to social interaction and yet is almost entirely ignored as it meters our life.

  Heart-felt Shirt
Heart-felt Shirt Kit For Sale!

Kit Includes:
Heart-felt Shirt (dry clean only)
Wireless heart rate receiver kit
Assembly instructions
Polar Wearlink+ chest strap/transmitter ($55 value)




Pulsing with every beat, the Heart-felt Wristband also changes color from blue to red as your heart rate slows down or speeds up. Modify it to be worn as a wristband, belt buckle or even as a medallion... put a little heart into your bling!



Find more Heart-felt Apparel technical details here.


Thinking Cap

A hat that measures the wearer's brain activity from the wearer's scalp EEG and projects changes in neuronal synchrony on modular light arrays. Highly focused attention increases the brain's beta and gamma oscillations and turns the frontal light modules red, while entering a meditative state produces large alpha rhythms and turns the rear light modules red.

Find more Thinking Cap technical details here.